Surface Grinding Machine

Surface Grinding Machine

Surface grinding is basically making a surface of a workpiece flat or smooth via an abrasive machining process. The basic grinding machine comprises a table, abrasive wheel, and work holding device. The workholding device also called chuck can be different for ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic and nonmetallic workpieces. The workpiece can be cast iron, mild steel, SS, aluminum, brass and plastic. It can be found in industries, such as electrical, engineering, automobile, etc. Using this machine, one can achieve a high degree of dimensional accuracy, and high finish surface textures. Its simple design allows the operator to operate it with ease, without much training. This machine even when continuously operated, do not cause heat distortion and makes very less noise. The specification of this machine is listed below. The Simplex Engineering Works surface grinding machine come in different grinding capacities and up to 5 HP of power pack motor and 7.5 HP of main head motor.

Grinding Width

150/ 200/ 250/ 300/ 400/ 500

Grinding Length

450/ 600/ 800/ 1000/ 1500/ 2000

Grinding Wheel Dia

250/ 300

Main Head Motor

2hp/ 3hp/ 5hp/ 7.5hp

Power Pack Motor

2hp/ 3hp/ 5hp