Cylindrical Grinding Machine

In high volume production runs, where speed, rounding and accuracy are the major requirements, cylindrical grinding machine is the solution. Any object with a central axis can be shaped. The different shapes one can achieve are cylinder, cam, crankshaft and ellipse. The types of grinding that can be executed with this machine are outside diameter, inside diameter, plunge, centerless and creep feed. With max. 400 / 500 grinding wheels size, Simplex Engineering Works has the right grinding machine to round out workpieces of any material, from aluminum, SS, MS, to brass. Using this machine, the operator can control the tight dimensions and roundness tolerance. One can use this machine for making precision tubes, pipes, rods, and other rounded components.

Slide ways coated with 'TURCITE - B'
Hydrodynamic bearings for wheel spindle
Centralized Lubrication System


Internal Grinding Attachment
Automatic Plunge & Traverse Grinding Cycle
Workhead & Wheelhead spindle with Anti Friction bearings


Centre Height 150 200/ 250
Max. Cr. Length 300 / 500 / 800 1000/1250/1500/1700
Gr. Wheel Dia 350 / 400 400 / 500
Rapid Approach 50 50
No. of Wkhd. speeds 4 8